NGO Awareness

With a view to bring awareness about Right to Education (RTE) Act and to discuss the strategies on raising the awareness, a one-day programme was conducted in the city. Organised by NGO PASK Foundation, the programme saw the presence of 60 people consisting of parents, teachers and academicians. Discussions on problems and challenges of RTE implementation and its loopholes were held.
One of the problems that came to notice during the discussion was that parents and communities are unaware about 25% reservation for underprivileged children in schools. “This means that a child from financially poor background can study with rich students in private school, as RTE has made it compulsory for schools to have 25% reservation for underprivileged students.
Parents complained that though RTE will be implemented from June 2011, schools have declared that they have conducted admission procedures between January and March. To this, Joshi advised the parents to write a letter to the government demanding strict action against schools.

News & Events

Pragati Seva Kendra
Providing winter relief to poor and distress people PASK Organized Blanket Distribution drive 24th January 2012. While breaking 10 years record, cold waves continues to Bihar.This winter has been hit by extreme cold and taken lives of poor people living on street, under flyovers and slums area. In view PASK conducted emergency relief operations for underprivileged people.
As our lifestyles become more 'developed' by the day, so does the damage we do to the environment. Our every move, from watching television, to working at a computer, to taking a flight to our favorite holiday destination harms the environment in one way or the other. Air and water pollution levels are increasing world over by the day. A good time to start would be now.
India's GDP being spent on healthcare, the scenario, not surprisingly, is unpleasant. Data shows that every second child in the country suffers from malnutrition, that over 1,000 people succumb to Tuberculosis every day, that almost 60,000 children are born with HIV each year! Choose from PASK listed healthcare charities and donate for a healthy India today!
We work with emergency responders around the globe to provide immediate aid in the wake of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and more. We are there for the long haul and clean up too, whether it is paying for supplies, firstly we provide first Aid medical treatment for the survivors.That is the major responsibilities that feeding and drinking water.