Our Charitable Projects

We have multiple projects in the process of execution or to be executed for serving the society better. We have made commitments to our current partners and wish to ensure that the relationships remain effective by adequately funding current projects and not spreading grants too thinly. We have around 120 students studying in higher primary in the age range of 14 to 16 from 50 different villages. We have plans to give the bicycles to these students to improve the access to education. Also we have planned for a play zone for the school children. This project will help the physique of kids apart from providing recreation to them.

News & Events

Pragati Seva Kendra
In India many people sleeps without food in our poorest states. PASK has work on this part. They organised food occasations for beggar and hunger people in weekly their home.
"In this world no child is born imperfect. Every life is a blessing and a hope for mankind. Education is the primary catalyst which transforms ignorance to hope.
For a country whose population of women alone is more than the total population of many other countries, India fares low where their treatment is concerned. PASK Has work to save girls & Womens.
PASK has done Sevral work during Flood Came in Sevral District in Bihar.Its work is excellent in flood.They Collect food and other necessary things and sent in flooded area.